I think it would be very interesting to invite in a little more undomesticated energy into our lives. The Q'ero of Peru call it "Salka". "Salka Misk'i" is undomesticated energy that is sweet as honey. That is what Cassie is to me, Wild Mountain Honey. 

I feel we could all benefit from what the wilderness has to teach us: harmony, interrelatedness, respect, boundaries, honor, etc.  We can create our lives to be more of a interwoven tapestry with all beings. This creates less space for us to be overly dependent on one or two souls to give us all the love we perceive to be lacking when indeed it is all around us and in us. We recognize we are love by giving love and that releases the addiction of something outside of us to fill what we perceive to be a void.  We can then see another being, including animals, for who they are and not what we need from them. Mitakuye Oyasin, the Lakota phrase translates to "We are all related". 

So I say to Cassie "I see you for who you are.  I want to connect you at the level of the soul. I want to hear what you want to share.  What brings you joy, what brings you sorrow? What are your hopes, your dreams? What do you love? What moves you?" ​​

"This is where I am from.  This is where I have spent many, many years living my life amongst the mountains, trees, clear waters and sagebrush. This is my home.  This is where my soul still resides and I visit it often as it brings me great joy and peace. 

I am now living in the human domesticated world.  I am not sure how "domesticated" I can be. I am willing to try but please know where I came from and I am sad I cannot go back to the original land. 

I feel I have in me the ancestors of native american energy. I feel that I drank it in from the land and I feel like it became a part of my body, my blood and my bones. I feel that very strongly. 

I find it interesting that people really like to have a lot of emotion from their animals in general. They really are kind of addicted to having their animals attached to them and respond. And when a horse, especially one that has a soul that's more wild and not used to pleasing a human, we wonder why you're so needy, not just you, but most of the human race. I guess when you were raised with that, you get used to it. Or if you have more of a personality that you came with for it.  But for me, my personality is more like I want to feel your soul and your heart. And it might be a one minute connection but it might be really intense. And then we might not really connect for a weeks again. Where humans like to be constantly almost like drip fed into their veins of animal love. And that is something I am not able to do right now. And I don't know if that will change." ~Cassie 

Wild Mountain Honey


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