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Equine Sanctuary & Community Gathering Place for Wholeness & Well-Being

The roundpen represents our comfort zone. That is where we reside. The goal is to step out of our comfort zone to where the magic happens. That is where the horses graze.  But how do we open the gate from the known to the wild unknown? How do we trust that it is magic outside of our bubble and not an empty abyss? How do we make that leap?

We have all put up a brick wall of some sort to protect our heart from getting hurt again.  For some, it is a fort and for others, it is the Great Wall of China. In either case, in order to even get to the gate, we have to tear down the wall, brick by brick.  On each brick is written what is holding you back.  Fear. Shame. Pride. Ego. Uncertainty. Disconnection. ​​

The list goes on. Those bricks are heavy and that is a lot of weight to carry around. If you take all of that out to where the magic happens, you will sink into the abyss.  You can either get rid of them at the gate or lighten the load one by one as you bubble up from the depths of the abyss.  It's easier to recognize it at the gate and shed them there than it is to struggle under water trying to figure out which brick is still weighing you down. 

You cannot connect with the horses if you are carrying that heavy load. The only way is to be present, 100% present with your attention, whole heart, mind body and soul, all of you. 

What is going to carry you past that wall and through that gate to where the magic happens? What are the helium filled balloons you want to fill you wholeheartedly to be present with the horses? Faith. Trust. Believe. Love. Compassion. Honor. Friendship. 

Where The Magic Happens


Ranch Ramblings
Kate Cornelius posts about her passion and experiences of well-being
weaving ancient indigenous traditions with her herd of horses. 

These lists are personal for each individual. And they are different every day. What is holding you in your roundpen? What lifts you to experience your magic?

Fall in love with the unknown. It's okay to not know how or what you you are doing. We don't have all the answers. All we need is the question.  We may not know what we are doing, but we want to know enough to try. Within that, we are creating a space of nothing but love. 

Leave the bricks, take the balloons and you will soar to great heights with the horses where the magic happens.