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Kate Cornelius posts about her passion and experiences of well-being
weaving ancient indigenous traditions with her herd of horses. 

Herd Flow
06. 17. 16

Soulful eyes RANCH

Equine Sanctuary & Community Gathering Place for Wholeness & Well-Being

So I sat down in the pasture and decided to write free flow whatever comes to mind when I am around the horses. I didn't want to "try" to do animal communication purposefully.  I just wanted to create the space to allow whatever comes and to go with the flow. This is what the herd shared. 

There is a place

where we find love

and it is right here in our hearts. 

We seek that which we cannot find

and there's no room for us to live there. 

So we go inside and search our hearts

to find the answer. 

There is peace to be had

within all things.

If we search in the right way

with love in our hearts. 

There is gratitude

if we open our hearts to everything

and the love seeks us and pours in. 

There is a time

and that time is now

to live to the fullest

and open our hearts with joy, peace and love. 

Our hearts are wide open

we can show you how

the door is open to step through

the door of the heart. 

Love is everything there is

Love is all there is

Love is seeking love.

The answers are on the wings of your prayers

all that is here and now

the ever present moment

is love

this moment, this time

it is love. 

Look around. What do you see?

It is love. 

The birds, the grass, the wind blows, the sun shines, it is all love. 

See it, feel it, know it in your heart. 

Do not be afraid

the fear stops you

be open to knowing.

The seed that falls and blows in the wind is planted in your heart. 

Your body is a trellis

The vines of love grow all around you 

the flowers open and the fragrance is love.

We are beings of the light that shines

join us in the circle

we are one with all

the circle of life

for all beings

we are equal

we are love.

The answer is to look within

the answer is now

our hearts are one

feel the love

feel the connection

feel it with your heart.

We hear you

we see you

we honor you

The shadow is infinite

but love is stronger

feel the force

be strong in your heart

we are all one. 

~Ginger, Stella, Maya, Jada and Montana 

  Soulful Eyes Ranch Equine Herd