Montana was adopted by us in 2015 from the kill pen when he was estimated to be about 10 years old. To learn more about horses and kill pens, click here. To see the you tube video I created about his rescue, click here.  Montana took no time at all to blend in the herd. He is a real ladies man and all the mares love him.  He is very happy go lucky and usually has a little piece of hay sticking out of the side of his mouth.

We adopted Maya in 2015, who was 26 years old at the time, from our neighbor who was moving and unable to take her with her.  She had been underfed and undernourished for a long time and has since gained to be a respectable healthy weight since living with us and being on Thrive Feed.  To find out more about Thrive feed, click here.  Maya had been a lone horse for may years by herself in the pasture, so it took a while for her to remember how to integrate into a herd environment.  They all get along quite wonderfully. She is a very sweet and patient horse who's sole interest is to share love. ​​Update: 2017 Maya transitioned to Spirit, she will forever be a part of our herd, Run Free in the Sky Maya

Pictured from left to right: Jada, Montana, Cassie, Ginger and Stella. 


​We adopted Stella in 2009 from a rescue when she was 5 years old.  She was rescued as a PMU foal.  To find out more about PMU foals, please click here.  Stella has been the lead mare for many years. She absolutely loves attention and to be front and center of all activity, especially when treats are being handed out.  She is very relaxed, laid back and easy going.

I Remain Wide Open To Believe Anything Is Possible

We adopted Cassie in 2016. She was listed in a local kill pen for horses and I had an immediate connection with her. She came to the ranch and Montana was a complete gentleman showing her all around. She gets along with all the horses and has rekindled their innate knowing of herd interconnectedness and interrelationships passed down from her ancestors and generations of living in the undomesticated lands. 

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​Meet the Sanctuary Residents

Soulful eyes RANCH




Jada and Ginger were our first two horses we adopted from a rescue in 2009 when they were 16 and 11, respectively. They were PMU line mares and were therefore not used to being around friendly humans.  To find out more about PMU horses, click here.  Jada is the peacemaker of the herd and is friends with everyone.  Ginger is happy doing her own thing and has healthy boundaries of what she likes.  These two are the best of friends. Update: Our beloved Jada passed October of 2018, we miss her physical presence but continue to love her dearly in spirit.