Predator vs Pray

​06.02. 16

​A sweet young girl who knows and loves our horses, came for a visit and wanted to ride Montana. I suggested they go for a walkabout first to develop the relationship. "See if you can get the halter on him," I said.  She responded, "I don't know how." So I showed her how to hold it for him to be able to put his nose through it and I would help her tie the knot. 

She then walked toward where he was standing with the intent of putting the halter on him. He lifted his head from grazing, peered one eye back at her feeling her intent and began trotting away. "He won't let me," she said.  This is our natural human tendency to focus on the destination (riding the horse) rather than the journey (experiencing and developing the relationship with the horse).  

"Don't think about trying to catch him.  Change your intent.  Go up to him solely to love on him, give him a hug, pet his neck and be his friend."  Her walk toward him this time was much softer, slower and more casual. He stood still as she approached, connecting with the heart signal she was sending out. As she gave him a hug and pet his mane, I said, "Now put the halter on." She slipped it over his nose as he willingly accepted her friendship. I like to call this "Pray" because it's when you drop into your heart with a loving kind request. 

If we drop into our heart when we make a decision toward our action, I believe the outcome can be much more rewarding for the relationship. And it just feels good.  

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