A wise master of living energy teaches there is a difference between "intent" and "intention". ​"Intent" is where you do, you don't ask and it is in your body.  "Intention" is where you talk about doing and it resides in your mind. That teaching is from Don Americo Yabar who shares in the teachings of the Q'ero lineage of the High Andes. 

So let's look at how this applies to relationships with horses. In the photo above, you can see we have guide ropes set up for the horses to cross over our drive from one pasture to the other so the horses don't enter our yard.  However, at times, they have found it highly desirable to go under the ropes and eat the green grass.

What I do to prevent them from doing so, is to HOLD THE INTENT for the horses to stay on the walkway to and from each pasture. If my intent is not strong enough, I step up my energy and fully embody the intent feeling it with every fiber in my being.  I extend my arms out to the side extending my energy beyond my physical self until it touches the fence and I imagine a solid wall that guides them only on the path between the guide ropes. 

Then I ALLOW. Allow, allow, allow. I allow the horses to receive my message, think about it, process it, have their own thoughts about it, be inquisitive like a child and then lick and chew.  That is their signal they are processing it. We are on horse time.  That is a huge part of the relationship. 

At one point, one of the horses attempted to go under the rope. The horse was not testing me. I had an energy leak. I realized that as I was standing there with my arms out, my mind drifted to thoughts of "well, if I were the horse I'd want that lush green grass too.." to "wonder what I should make for dinner tonight?" Holding my arms out wasn't the effective part. I was not holding my intent and my energy barrier went down. A stray thought is an energy leak.  

I realized I needed to focus to HOLD THE INTENT of the only space available is the walkway between the ropes and then ALLOW THE PROCESS to unfold  by creating the space for the horse to make their own choice.

Everything is energy. The horse is energy. We are energy. And the dynamic between horse and human is energy. Use the space between to do all the work.  It's a beautiful process to witness. 

Horses are master teachers of how we can increase awareness of our actions, conscious or subconscious, and become masters of our own energy on our journey in life. I have humble gratitude for the horses teaching me better connect with my own energy center and refine my intent.

Intent & Allow


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