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Ranch Ramblings
Kate Cornelius posts about her passion and experiences of well-being
weaving ancient indigenous traditions with her herd of horses. 

All of these heart-shaped stones are from my horses.

Our pasture land is a rocky clay soil. And nearly every time I do something for the benefit of the horses, I receive their gratitude in the form of heart-shaped rocks. These little gifts of love appear in the pasture near, or related to, the times I hear the horse, I speak up for the horse, I do something to benefit the horse, I offer for the horse to make their own choice.  

Every time I say to the horse "I am on your side" in one way or another, miracles appear to me.  They have appeared as heart-shaped stones, magic shapes in the clouds, a red tail hawk flying by at a precise moment, or more directly, the horse hugs me like never before. 

When I first rescued my horse Montana, I scheduled a session with my animal communicator. After the session, I visited with Montana and the look in his eyes was of pure amazement. He had never experienced that before with a human and was grateful for the opportunity to connect, be heard and be seen. When I went up to him, he put his chin over my shoulder, down my back and pulled me toward him for a hug.  It was a beautiful display of gratitude. 

Most recently, I did a radio show telling a story about our horse, Maya.  She was in the spotlight for just being her amazing self.  And the gratitude for her was evident when I went down to the barn afterwards to visit. She wrapped her neck around me so tight and for so long, almost that her whole body was trying to wrap around me in a display of affection and gratitude of great magnitude. 

Horses want to be heard.  They want to be seen for who they are.  And I tell them every day, "I am on your side."  

My gift in return is the miracle of love. 

I'm On Your Side