Soulful eyes RANCH

Equine Sanctuary & Community Gathering Place for Wholeness & Well-Being

About Kate Cornelius

​​​​​Kate Cornelius is the founder of Soulful Eyes Ranch since 2011, an equine sanctuary interwoven with a community gathering place for wholeness and well-being.

​Previously spending time in the corporate world of business management, Kate's life changed after adopting rescue horses.  She could energetically see their emotional scars and wanted to help them move beyond the emotional state of their wounds to live a deeply enriched life full with the peace of love and compassion.  

Kate followed the energetic healing path of working with horses as mirrors, horses raising vibrations with their higher consciousness, animal communication and continues under the mentorship of her herd of horses. 

Kate traveled to Chile and Peru studying the ancient traditions of the Q'ero natives of the high Andes. After experiencing intense personal transformations forever changing her perception about healing trauma, Kate expanded her practice to incorporate this powerful healing modality. 

She continues her pursuit of how indigenous living traditions offer the ability to deepen modern relationships and help heal personal trauma with her continued immersions in the  cultures stretching remote regions of the high jungles, rainforests, mountains and isolated highland villages.

From this journey of the well-being of the soul, Kate offers an experiential essence woven with her residing soulful herd of horses near Fort Worth, Texas.